Frequently Asked Questions

What does Extalio do exactly? Are you just another recruiting company?

We are security researchers and software engineers who got tired of people who don’t understand technology trying to MITM our careers and fuzzing us.
What we do is simple - together we understand what is important to you, and taking into account all industry opportunities, we help you land the job you want the most.

I have enough connections, why do I need you?

Connections are a great way to reach companies you already know. We encourage you to use your connections, we are here for you in addition to your connections. With your connections, our connections, and our deep understanding of the market we can find the best strategy to get the job you want.

How much does it cost?

NULL. Companies pay us for making their hiring process more efficient.

Do I have to be actively looking for a new position?

Short answer - no. After getting to know each other, we won’t bother you unless an exciting opportunity comes up; We know how annoying it is to get irrelevant offers, we’ve been there.

What exactly is the process?

First, we have a short screening phone call to make sure you fit the market we are focused on. Then unlike most recruiting companies, we meet you in person for a meaningful conversation that will help us understand the type of person you are (your ambitions, your strengths, and weaknesses, what you enjoy doing, and what you don’t). Then we look for the teams that fit you best and arrange a meeting.

How fast is the process?

A few days after the introduction meeting, we meet again to present you the positions and rank them by interest together. Then it depends on the interview process in the companies.

What types of companies do you cover?

All types of security companies in the Israeli market; Big and small, corporations and startups.

What happens if I don’t pass the screening?

First, everything is confidential - your privacy is our top concern. We also know that people improve, which is why we’ll encourage you to practice in a few areas, and re-apply in the future.

How do I start?

Just drop your name and phone number on our homepage, and we will call you back within a few hours.

Anything else?

If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us an email at contact@extalio.com

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