xNewsletter #5

GHIDRA release, LPE in LG Driver, peripheral devices as an attack vector, RCE in Wordpress, and more.

xNewsletter #4

Linux package manager LPE, container escape vulnerability, bus analysis tool for vehicles, iPhone pointer authentication weaknesses, and more.

xNewsletter #3

Wi-Fi SoC RCE, New iOS Jailbreak, VirtualBox PXE boot vulnerability, Leica camera firmware research, and more.

xNewsletter #2

UAF in Chrome, 35C3 CTF Writeup, RCE in Libzmq, page cache attacks, Windows Kernel Explorer, and more.

xNewsletter #1

35C3 writeups and lectures, VBScript vulnerabilities, Hyper-V research, Windows Sandbox release, and more.

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